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Jewell, IA50130

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My Beautiful Puppy House

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Name: My Beautiful Puppy House

Description: I am lucky enough to have such a wonderful place to raise my beautiful puppies. It is set up just perfect and I love working in it . The first room is my puppy room , where my puppies go when they leave mom, also there is the grooming room, nursery, and the inside, outside runs where the adults all can live. ITs like a home just for dogs and puppies, oh and us people who love them too. I am so lucky to get a new dog lover that is soooo much help and showers my 4 legged friends with as much love as I can...Thanks Margie. I am also blessed with a son who is a great handyman and master gardener so the outside looks just as nice as the inside. There is a large fenced in yard for the puppies to get outside and play on nice days (attached pictures) they learn the feel of grass and know exactly what it is like to run free and play with lots of little friends. You will see them playing tag, hide and seek, and follow the leader, oh and I almost forgot king of the lawn chair... ... so rest assured if you pick one of our puppies you will be getting a great little pet that has had the best start and will be ready to bring lots of sunshine into your home.